Our Story

PVB The Label was created to bring attention to the issues our world is facing with ocean waste, plastic waste, and fast fashion.  All of our suits are made from Econyl.  Econyl is a fabric made from ocean waste and carefully produced in ethical conditions in Bali, Indonesia. Instead of contributing to the problems, we want to find solutions. The more we grow, the more solutions we will find and implement.  With every suit sold, we give 10 cents to the ROLE foundation. Every Suit Sold is contributing to the plastic waste and fast fashion solution in our world. 
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Our Goal

Our goal is for men and women to feel confident and happy. Happiness is the motto here at PVB. We want everybody to live to be the most fulfilled, successful, and helpful human beings possible. Do literally wtevr mks u happy, others happy and the earth happy. Making the earth happy is another important aspect that we focus on. All of our suits and hats are made from ocean waste in hopes to create more awareness to a large problem.